Island Heritage Gallery

The Island Heritage Gallery explores the ethnically diverse world of Hawai`i.

Begin with a look at how early Hawaiian people lived, including the tools and implements made from materials they had at hand (no metal!).

The Museum has many examples of the fish nets and hooks they used, as well as slingstones, wood bowls, poi pounders, games, and a wood and cord framework for the typical grass-covered hale they lived in.

See samples of the kapa cloth made from pounded tree bark from which they fashioned their clothing, as well as adornments made from bone, feathers, and other natural materials.

Learn about the Hawaiian ali`i (chiefs) and those who became famous kings and queens.

Further on through the gallery, discover the five major immigrant groups that came to Hawai`i in the late 19th century to work in the newly formed sugar industry, a system of plantations and mills that shaped the character and the land of modern Hawai`i.

The Island Heritage Gallery tells the story of the native Hawaiians and the immigrants who have created the unique society of Hawai`i today.