Smithsonian Affiliate Reciprocal Membership

Calling all Lyman Museum members!  As you know, the Lyman Museum is an Affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution.  What you may not know is that our Museum is also one of a group of 58 Affiliates currently participating in the Smithsonian Affiliate Reciprocal Membership Program.  This is a network of Smithsonian Affiliate museums and educational organizations who have elected to offer certain reciprocal membership benefits to other Affiliates participating in the program.  Not all Smithsonian Affiliates have chosen to participate, but the Lyman Museum is one that does.

What this means for you, a Lyman Museum member, is that when you present your Lyman Museum membership card at any of the 57 participating Affiliates in the U.S. (and one in Puerto Rico), you are entitled to the following privileges at that participating Affiliate:

  • Free admission
  • Reciprocal admission benefits for a family membership; home Affiliate Family Membership card must be presented
  • Member discounts in the Affiliate’s gift store
  • Member discounts on purchases made on the premises for concert and lecture tickets

Please note that these benefits apply only to members of participating Smithsonian Affiliates, and not to “regular” members of the Smithsonian.  For more information on the Smithsonian Affiliate Reciprocal Membership Program, go to:  And since the list of Affiliate institutions participating in this program is subject to change, on that page there will be a button for the current list called “Reciprocal Membership Participants“.

Something else to keep in mind:  Lyman Museum members also receive a special discounted rate for Smithsonian membership.  When you renew your annual Museum membership, you can take advantage of this option for a mere $20.00 in addition to your Lyman Museum dues.  This entitles you to a one-year subscription to Smithsonian Magazine as well as to all other Smithsonian membership benefits.   And if someone you know holds a Smithsonian membership but is not a Lyman Museum member, it might be to their advantage to join us and the Smithsonian together when renewal time rolls around.  They’ll save money, and as a Lyman Museum member they’ll be entitled to the privileges of the Smithsonian Affiliate Reciprocal Membership Program!