Building a future…


Museum building under construction, 1970.

It is because of our supporters that the Lyman Museum has been able to serve Hawai`i Island’s community and its visitors from all over the world for more than 80 years as the premier local source for cultural and historical education.  Thank you!  We invite you to share in our sense of accomplishment.  The Museum’s ability to achieve depends in large part on the commitment of stakeholders like you.

This past fiscal year, a community-based special exhibit, over thirty public programs, and the continued professional care of thousands of artifacts have contributed to our mission, “to tell the story of Hawai`i, its islands, and its people.”

While the Hilo Boarding School is no longer, the Lyman Mission House, in which the Museum was established in 1931, has been lovingly restored to its 1880s condition.  The Lymans’ legacy endures as the Lyman House Memorial Museum.  How appropriate that the Museum shares a mission centered in education that anchored the Lymans in Hilo, who never returned to their native New England but called Hawai`i “the dearest place on earth.”

With your help, we hope to continue to serve our community as its singular provider of cultural and historical education.  You can help support the Lyman Museum through donations, membership, and becoming a volunteer.

Click here to download our 2013-2014 Annual Report