Earth Heritage Gallery

Visit our Earth Heritage Gallery and experience the natural history of Hawai`i!  Walk through a lava tube and experience multiple island climate zones in the “Habitats of Hawai`i” exhibition.  Go from alpine snow to open ocean and view full-size models of sea life found in Hawaiian waters, including a 10-foot tiger shark!

See the only display in the world of the bones of two flightless birds unique to Hawai`i – the Hawaiian Rail and a flightless goose.  A one-of-a-kind model of the flightless goose allows you to see what this extinct bird looked like.

View our sea shell and world-renowned mineral collections.  The mineral collection includes Orlymanite, the only known specimen of a rare mineral fully identified only in 1987 and named for the collector Orlando Lyman, great grandson of David and Sarah Lyman.