Research Request


Archives Access:

    • Please plan ahead.
    • Submit your research request at least two weeks advance and wait for a reply.
    • Please be specific and include any relevant names and subjects.
    • The Archivist reviews each request and replies with relevant sources based on a search of our holdings.
    • It is up to the researcher to review the material and make selections prior to their visit.  Restrictions may apply on what can be retrieved based on staff time and item condition.
    • Walk-in requests are not accepted.
  • Be as specific as possible!
  • Please indicate what days and hours you are available.
    • Leave behind bags (backpacks, briefcases, etc.) before coming into the building.
    • Inform museum staff of research appointment, pay admission and sign-in.
    • Bring supplies such as pencils, paper for taking notes and electronic devices. No pens, markers, or ink of any kind. No food, drink, candy or tobacco products.
    • Keep all materials in the order in which you find them. Do not lean on, fold, trace, or make marks on any materials. Follow directions for handling.
    • Ask to use a camera or scanner. They may be used for research purposes at a flat rate of $10 per visit. Restrictions may apply.