Research Request Form


Regular services: Archivist will conduct a reference interview and, if applicable, provide researcher with relevant finding aids and/or database search results.  It is up to the researcher to review the material and make selections.  Restrictions on what can be retrieved may apply.

In-house appointments:  Scheduled based on staff availability, giving priority to those who have the most critical need specific to unique materials in our collections.  Please plan ahead; walk-in requests are not accepted.  [Please note that no new materials will be retrieved during an in-house appointment beyond the original request.]

Research fees:  Regular Museum admission fee must be paid at the front desk, but no additional fee is charged for access to the archives.  Fees are charged for copying and extra research.  For research beyond reference interview and preliminary searches, a $50 per hour charge will apply (with one hour minimum).  Researcher will be advised prior.

Membership access and discount:  Membership covers access to archives.  A 10% discount for archives services (excluding postage and handling) is offered to members of the Lyman Museum.

If you are interested in accessing the Lyman Museum Archives, please fill out the form below and someone from the Lyman Museum will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Be as specific as possible!
  • Please indicate what days and hours you are available.
    1. The stacks are closed for browsing. Materials are to be used one at a time in the archives under staff supervision.
    2. Researchers will conduct themselves so that an environment conducive to research is maintained.
    3. All researchers must register each day they use the collections.
    4. Eating, drinking, and smoking are prohibited anywhere in the Museum.
    5. Materials may not be borrowed from our collections. There are no exceptions.
    6. Only the following materials may be used: pencils, paper, laptop computers, tape recorders. Pens are not allowed.
    7. Cameras may be used for research purposes at a flat rate of $10 per visit. Restrictions may apply.
    8. Copies of documents, books, or photographs may be ordered for a fee if the condition of the material warrants it. The use of such copies requires written permission from the Museum. A commercial use fee is required. The researcher is responsible for complying with copyright law.