The History of Beekeeping in Hawai‘i

October 6, 2020 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Lyman Museum
276 Haili St. Hilo
HI 96720
History Beekeeping Hylaeus image

Before the introduction of the honeybee, endemic Hylaeus species were the only bees in Hawai‘i.

Matinée Presentation:

Today we can thank the beloved honeybee (and her equally beloved beekeepers) for the rare and delicious varieties of honey unique to Hawai‘i and renowned worldwide.  Yet long before the honeybee was introduced here from California in 1857, endemic bee species were busy pollinating the native Hawaiian plants and trees that provide so much beauty and cultural value throughout our Islands.  Beginning with those pre-honeybee days, Carey Yost and Jim Klyman, of ApiaryEd, share the history of bees and beekeeping in Hawai‘i, using historical Hawaiian- and English-language newspaper sources, research documents, and colorful tales to follow the route taken by the honeybee (Apis mellifera) to establish a home in Hawai‘i Nei.  A few mysteries are uncovered as we learn why honeybees in Hawai‘i produce some of the most diverse and highly specialized honeys in the world.  But it hasn’t been all paradise for the local honeybee; we look at certain problems faced by the species, and consider some issues currently affecting beekeeping in Hawai‘i.  (You’ll also receive a sweet take-home treat!) Join us on your choice of two occasions:  Monday evening, October 5, or the following afternoon, October 6.  

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