World Ocean Day: Ocean Photographs

World Ocean Day on June 8 is an international day recognized by the United Nations General Assembly. The event offers the opportunity to share information about the climate, ecosystems, and a healthy ocean. Organizers foster a positive future for humanity and ocean life. Learn more at

Most of the 200,629 people counted in the 2020 Census of Hawaiʻi Island live near the coast. That fact makes the Moana Pākīpika (Pacific Ocean), and the Island’s rivers and bays, essential to the environment and the well-being of people.

In this online exhibit, historic photographs are paired with facts about contemporary ocean concerns. The images represent the thousands of ocean and nature related photographs preserved by the Lyman Museum. To see even more, contact the Archives for an appointment. Learn more at

Note: Hawaiian diacritical marks comprise just two symbols: the ʻokina (glottal stop) and the kahakō (macron). We use them with Hawaiian place names, but do not add them to proper names if a family or a company does not use them.